God's Plan 2,  A Very Special Nation

The Times of Moses

The Age of Kings

The Age of the Prophets


After the failure of human civilization to live up to their Creator's expectations,  God chose to put his expectation into one special group of people.  To do this He spoke to a man named Abram.  Abram lived in a place called UR.  It was a pagan community divorced from God where they worshipped the moon and stars.  God directed Abram, whom he renamed Abraham, to leave his home and wander to another far away land.  This took a lot of trust on Abraham's part.  And for Abraham trusting God he was given a promise.  His children would become a great nation on Earth.  Abraham did his part and left his home to wander.  Even as a man whose family and friends lived in tents they prospered.  His descendants did grow into a great numbers.  They are known today as the twelve tribes of Israel.

These tribes moved to the land of Egypt during a time of famine.  After four hundred years living in this foreign land, they were brought back to the land God granted them.  Today this is known as the Land of Israel.  It was during their forty year walk in the desert while they were returning from Egypt that God gave them the Ten Commandments.  He gave them other rules and expected them to act, dress and live lives above those of all the nations around them.  This was to show they were different and a people that belonged to God, the Creator.  If they obeyed they were promised great prosperity and happiness.  Unfortunately few obeyed during the next few hundred years.  Their history is filled with intrigue, murder, war and mayhem.

The nation was nearly a thousand years old when they demanded to be ruled by a earthly king.  God granted them their wish with warning of the dire cost to themselves.  King Saul was the first king and King David the second.  King David and his successor and son King Solomon are perhaps the best known in history.  God used King David with all his strengths and weaknesses to demonstrate what he wanted his children to be.  After King Solomon, whose described as the richest man who ever lived, the nation of Israel became terribly corrupt.  The old lust for sex, riches and power that destroyed God's first plan again destroyed his hope for Israel..


In the Bible library of the Old Testament the writings of the prophets are numerous making up a great many pages of the Book.  These prophets of God began speaking and writing around 800 BC to warn the nation of it's future.  They continued for several hundred years.  The common message was: If Israel would turn from their wicked ways and serving other gods, God would turn from destroying them.  If they continued to follow the way they were going they would be taken out of the land he had given them with great suffering.  After being warned for these hundreds of years they became one of the most immoral nations on Earth.  It was during this time the prophets also began to foretell the coming of another plan concerning the Messiah.  They described the coming Savior in detail.  In the year 400 BC the prophets fell silent and the Old Testament library was completed.  God's efforts concentrated on developing Plan 3 as Plan 2 was closing

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